It’s the Small Things That Count

Most homeowners enjoy remodeling their homes, but they often forget the small stuff during the renovation process. They enjoy painting the walls, refacing kitchen cabinets, updating the flooring, and all of those types of repairs. Yet, they forget the little things and the value they add to the home.

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Damaged drywall really devalues the home. But more importantly, the damaged drywall also creates an unsavory look in the home and potentially causes damage to household members.

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to hire a professional to repair drywall but it is valuable in more ways than one. Plus, if you hire someone else to do it that is one less thing on your list of things-to-do!

Is the hardware on the cabinets, entry door, and drawers damaged or missing? When was the last time you checked? We’ll wait while you do that now.

If pieces are missing from the items in the home, go ahead and call someone out to make the repair or DIY. Tons of fantastic hardware options allow homeowners to design the look that most suits their needs, in every room in the house.

Landscaping ensures the home is lush and beautiful from the outside.  Creating a curb appealing home is important. Make sure you tackle tasks such as weeding, cutting the grass, and adding hardscapes to the outside or hire someone to do it for you.

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Your home is your haven, the place you hang your heart. Make sure it is the special place that you love and don’t forget the small stuff when it’s time to upgrade and renovate the property. The small stuff above is some of the things that can increase the value of your home.