Tips For Keeping Ticks Out Of Your Home

There has to be a natural barrier between man and nature.  When we go out into the world of nature, we need to respect their world and in return they need to respect us.  However, there are a wide range of different creatures that we deal with on a daily basis that don’t respect this boundary.  The one that we will discuss today is the tick.

Protecting your home

The tick is a very dangerous insect.  When it comes to residential tick control greenwood we need to follow a strict set of guidelines to ensure that these creatures stay in their environment and don’t venture off into ours.  Here are some tips that you can follow.

Keep your grass cut

The first line of defense is going to be keeping your yard and grass maintained.  You want to have your grass cut on a weekly basis or as often as needed to keep it short.  From there you want to keep any areas that retain water cleaned up and maintained.  Since these are the two major barriers that ticks like to live in, keeping them away from you and your house is the first line of defense.

residential tick control greenwood

Stay out of their areas

When we go outside we want to avoid grassy fields or areas that are not maintained.  We want to keep dogs and other animals out of these areas as well since they can get the ticks attached to their fur and hair. 

Check ourselves often

When going outside and interacting with these areas it is a good idea to check ourselves often.  We want to have someone check our bodies all over to ensure that we don’t have any ticks attached to us.  If we do, then we want to remove them as quickly as possible.  The longer we have them attached to us, the harder it will be to remove them.